Understanding the Crown Chakra

The symbol for the Crown, or Sahasrara Chakra.

Finding Balance From the Top Down

You’ve probably heard us at the practice use the term chakras, or seen it in many places online while discussing holistic, and spiritual healing.

Simply put, if you remember our blog about acupuncture and meridians(if you missed it, check it out here), the chakras are another way of identifying, or mapping out those areas of the bodies where our energies funnel in, become trapped or circulate from.

As you may guess from the description, the crown chakra literally sits at the top of our bodies. Like a spiritual solar panel, your crown chakra absorbs and is the key to bringing in cosmic, or pranic energies, into your body, and its balance is essential in the function of your body, and other chakras.

When you think about the relation to your body this makes sense. Your brain is the sensory centre of the body. Every sight, perception and thought you have originates and is influenced by it, in a way circulated around your body. Without the crown, nothing gets anywhere in the body.

Much like trying to manage the turmoil of our own inner thoughts at the time, the crown chakra is about achieving a sense of balance between our spirituality, and our earthly reality. Or, those thoughts that keep us aware of our daily, earthly needs, and those thoughts that inspire us to reach for and contemplate the cosmos itself.

balance is essential for the proper function of the other chakras

However, this is an emphasis on this balance as if you become too rooted in the world around you and you lose the sense of your soul and spirituality, and vice versa. Literally having your “heads in the cloud”, makes you lose sight of your everyday needs and tasks. Extreme thinking, or lack of thought, on either end causes an imbalance that can affect your mental health, and your overall health by consequence.

This is where, much like working on the meridian points of the body, or with the intent of Reiki we are trying to encourage natural change, and balance in the body when we aim to work with the crown chakra.

While that may seem almost counterintuitive with spirituality, this down-to-earth balance is essential for the proper function of the other chakras, and therefore the body and its ability to naturally heal.

For mental health, it’s easy too to see how the crown chakra can help serve as a means of analyzing and looking at when someone may be emotionally or spiritually stuck.

Apathy, depression, mental fog and “laziness” can all be traced back to a fundamentally underactive crown chakra, likewise overconfidence and even being pompous with your beliefs can be a consequence of the other extreme. The crown chakra serves as the portal between our earthly reality and our spirituality, and our own willingness to change, grow or challenge our view of the world to strike a sense of balance, and wellbeing.

Obviously, the tricky part is finding that right balance without going overboard in one direction or the other. So, if you feel like you’re struggling to ground yourself, or raise yourself up from earthly problems in your life, we would love to help you find that balance!

Contact us today to book an appointment, or let us know if you have any questions about how Inprana can help you balance your chakras!

– Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran D.C., BSc. – Shakti Chiro

Your Holistic Chiropractor, Energy Healer, and Founder of Inprana Integrative Healing

*Disclaimer: Energy healing releases any energy blockages or improves pranic energy which allows regeneration of tissues at a cellular level and stimulates innate healing mechanisms of the body. It does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.

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