emotional therapy

Talk, Release and Heal


What is Emotional Therapy?

It is a form of talk therapy where the client can comfortably have an emotional release with the therapist also known as venting. The therapist will non-judgmentally listen and find the primary emotion that is presently interfering with the client and causing emotional disturbance. During this process the therapist will find the root cause which is the gateway for internal transformation.

The therapist will use different therapeutic modalities to guide the patient into the body and mind to find and recognize what emotion is related to the confusion, anxiety, or fear.

Common reasons why people seek Emotional Therapy:

– To address anxiety
– Emotional confusions
– Insecurity
– Self-worth
– Relationship issues
– OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
– To learn the tools to balance mental and emotional state

These sessions are beautifully created, where the client learns to self-discover and acknowledge their internal feelings without judgement and gives them an opportunity to love themselves even more.

Disclaimer:  The Emotional  therapist does not diagnose illness, disease or any other  physical or mental disorder and does not prescribe pharmaceuticals or provide medical advice.