We bring the East and West healing modalities together

At Our Clinic

Here you will find the support you are looking for in your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing journey.  The purpose of the clinic is to realign your energy system through different services that will address your mind, body and spirit. This clinic has also been precisely designed to support your spiritual awakening process. Enjoy the transitioning process of your life, by clearing ancestral patterns, unconscious habits, old energies and old belief systems. 

As you receive our services you will feel the renewal of your life force and feel fully reawakened. Our practitioners are focused on releasing any physical, emotional and energetic interference that may hinder your journey in this lifetime and allowing yourself to re-integrate your maximal potential so you can own your power again. We have individually picked teams of intuitive practitioners who are trained in human anatomy, energy healing, sound healing, and in life guidance.

The practitioners are here for you to choose which modality supports you best at the timing you need.

Supporting your healing journey

Choosing to be a client at InPrana is Choosing to heal yourself at multiple levels. 
If you are ready to start your healing journey, we are here for you.