Higher Vibration Workshops/ Courses

Enjoy the beauty of being in your body in this lifetime.

This is a guided group meditation held by Dr. Rogini to help bring you into the present moment, get you into your body and allow yourself to ground and raise your consciousness.

This meditation is guided through sound transmissions, movements of the body and focused on your breath or pranic energy. Sound transmission is a very powerful technique to help you to release any blockages accumulated in your energy channels. Subtle movements of the body will help you to focus in the moment so you can acknowledge and appreciate your existence.

What is this moment really about? Being, and feeling and sensing this moment through your senses that allows you to focus right now and here. This will get you aware of your present physical existence and connecting to your truth which is your inner being guiding you to your path. It is really a feeling that you experience as if you were at your favourite or dream location. As you bring this dream feeling of freedom, as a sense of happiness, joy, clarity, focus to this moment you will feel fully alive again.

Repeated meditation sessions will build this experience more and more and create this momentum and so you can embrace your life again and not run away or evade the difficulties of everyday life.

Join our mediation session to embrace the process of life by being in the now and releasing past/future burdens and anchor you into the now/present moment.

If you like to improve your connection to your body or live a conscious life and like to learn how to heal yourself by becoming aware of energy moving in the body; through the blocks or stagnation. Then you may book a meditation session with us.

If you want a personal session instead of the group you can book your appointment with Dr. Rogini with one on one coaching with her. 

You will get to meet Dr. Rogini and work with her guidance and she will assist you in expanding your consciousness and your inner journey into abundance. 

Call us to pre-register 905-553-0397.