Our Vision

Our vision is to support your expansive healing journey in abundant health, mental clarity and a deeper connection to your inner being by integrating the eastern, western and spiritual healing modalities. 

This vision was started by Dr. Rogini founder and director of InPrana Integrative Healing while she has been practicing as a Chiropractor in her private practice. Dr. Rogini who is well versed with evidence based practice has also been very active in the spiritual side for many years.

In her practice, she had a clear vision that most of her clients’ physical health conditions had a connection with their mind and their inner being (at a spiritual level). She started seeing that patients had habitual patterns such as self sabotaging thoughts and actions which lead to recurring physical symptoms. Once she addressed these core issues of emotional imbalances or stuck emotions, the patients’ patterns would cease. Multiple sessions of breaking these unconscious patterns shifted the patients to have a sense of freedom, mental clarity and internal expansion which helped their physical symptoms. 

Dr. Rogini started to collaborate with other like minded healers and practitioners to expand her vision and founded Inprana Integrative Healing.

Currently we have a growing team of practitioners from Chiropractor & Exercise Rehab, Emotional Therapist, Reiki Masters, Holistic RMTs, Acupuncturist & Traditional Chinese Medicine and  Trance Mediumship. 

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Transformative Journey.