How Does Acupuncture Work?

This is a model of the human body used to help show the map of meridians and nerve endings acupuncturists use in their work.

Taking the Stress Out of Your Meridians

You’ve probably heard of acupuncture before, as it is one of the most well-known forms of traditional Chinese medicine worldwide, often brought up in pop culture and television. 


With records of its use dating back to 100BC, acupuncture is still a widely used form of traditional Chinese and “Qi” (chee) based medicine. 


The basic concept of acupuncture is that we have over 2,000 acupuncture points that we refer to as meridians throughout the body. 


Much like the chakras, our meridians impact and influence our bodies’ natural healing state and mental health. By manipulating these points around the body, an acupuncturist can influence and promote the movement of energy throughout the body. 


The process helps move stagnant energy, and toxic deficiencies, while positively affecting overall health. 


If we look beneath the skin towards where the meridians lie, we can find the nerve endings that are dotted all over our bodies. These nerve endings are part of how we feel, and perceive the world around us, sending pulses of energy from the exterior to interior parts of our body like our brains to be sorted out and understood.


Here too we can see the way that acupuncture helps promote great overall health with these nerve endings. The needles stimulate those nerve endings, which can help with the health of our nerves or meridian areas, and have even been found effective in encouraging the regrowth of damaged nerves as the patient’s Qi is moved through them.


…meridian points in the body directly correspond to related nerve groups and their ability to heal…

A recent study published in Neural Regeneration Research demonstrated how it provided an effective response for patients with nerve damage and even encouraged the regrowth of nerves. 

Interestingly, when only basic acupuncture points were used, the effective rate was around 40%, when the study followed up by focusing on the “Du” meridian, as informed by holistic traditions of acupuncture, that effective rate of treatment doubled to 80%. 


This research confirms the importance of understanding and treating the meridians in the body with acupuncture. In fact, the study proved that the known meridian points in the body directly correspond to related nerve groups and their ability to heal and shows why acupuncture has been a trusted holistic form of treatment for centuries.


When combined with a holistic therapy program, acupuncture is a great add-on treatment that can relieve physical stresses and help our mind and soul be healthy and clear of energy blockages.


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Danielle Grande, your Radiant Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist at Inprana


*Disclaimer: Energy healing releases any energy blockages or improves pranic energy which allows regeneration of tissues at a cellular level and stimulates innate healing mechanisms of the body. It does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.

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