Getting Passionate with the Sacral Chakra


Balance in our sacral chakras helps us to achieve harmony with other chakras, and kick-start our creative, and passionate desires in life.

The Anchor for Our Inner Balance?

As we’ve covered the Chakras we moved from the top to the bottom, from our crown, down to our hearts, and now we’re moving into the lower or grounded chakras. In the most basic sense, we can look at both the Sacral, and Root chakras as both a connection to our own natures and the natural grounded world we live in. While our crown and third eye Chakras are our windows into higher thinking and mental states of being. These lower chakras are our windows into grounding ourselves and tapping into our primal emotions.  


For today we’ll be looking at the Sacral Chakra, what it embodies, and how its balance can affect our spiritual and physical wellbeing.


As we’ve touched on before, our bodies are constantly communicating with the pranic energies surrounding us. From our emotional impulses to our nerve impulses we can observe the flow of this energy, where it becomes blocked, and where we can free its movement. The Sacral Chakra or Svadhishthana Chakra is located just a few fingers below our navels and is an important anchor point in the body for these energies.


Svadhishthana loosely translates in English to “the dwelling place of the Self”, as it supports personal expansion, and exploration of our own sexuality, personal desires, and inward creativity.

…it helps to induce our spark of creativity, and to feel pleasure in the things we love in life.

Where we see it tie into our physical bodies is through our bladder, kidneys and reproductive organs, and is seen as somewhat connected to our lower back as well. When we experience an imbalance in this chakra it can emotionally manifest as fear of experiencing pleasure, fatigue and low libido. Physically this can manifest in lower back pain, joint and hip issues, and issues with the spleen and kidneys to name a few.


We can see here how vital balancing this chakra is for the others, as the effects of its imbalance can quickly impact other aspects of our mental and physical health, and it showcases how central to our chakras the Sacral Chakra’s balance is. 


When it is balanced correctly it corresponds with the concept of water as an element, how it flows and can be so flexible (like our joints when we take care of them!), like a river. This balance and the positive flow of energy it produces in our other chakras helps us to embrace letting things go and accepting change and transformation in our lives.


When our minds are free of the physical burdens an imbalance can cause, it helps to induce our spark of creativity and to feel pleasure in the things we love in life.


Dr. Rogini Inprana Our Mission Gratitude

– Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran D.C., BSc. – Shakti Chiro

Your Holistic Chiropractor, Energy Healer, and Founder of Inprana Integrative Healing


*Disclaimer: Energy healing releases any energy blockages or improves pranic energy which allows regeneration of tissues at a cellular level and stimulates innate healing mechanisms of the body. It does not attempt to diagnose, treat, or cure illness.

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