Free your Mind with Reiki

Reiki has been practiced over 1000 years and there are many benefits one can experience with Reiki. In this modern world mental stress is now higher than it used to be. We have overstimulation of information and noise in this world that our minds can be so scattered and overwhelmed. I use the analogy of a computer, when a computer’s hard drive is overloaded, it slows down this fancy equipment. Our minds operate the same way. Usually, one might not be aware that they are overloaded until they have an emotional breakdown or become emotionally reactive. This is because your body does not have the capacity to handle the extra external stimulation.


Common practices to relieve the stress we  sleep-in, take meds, become addictive to narcotics or find alternative unhealthy ways to release the stress. We all heard that a healthy form of releasing mental stress is through meditation and quieting the mind. I am an expert in meditation but let me tell you when you first time learn to meditate it is not easy and I don’t suggest you trying it because it can get very uncomfortable because you will notice your thoughts can be all-over the place and you may get so overwhelmed, that you may feel worse that you started. Another way or form to release mental overload is by exercising. Even that practice might not be deep enough to clear at the deepest level. However, a Reiki Practitioner can help you with that so you can fully surrender to the healing and they can release the pent-up garbage or mental chatter in your body and clear blocked energy centers in the body. Reiki supports the process of releasing emotions such anger, resentment, sadness, self-doubt and worthiness issues. 


If you are a business owner or work in a high stress environment our mind can get extremely challenged and we tend to be more in our thoughts and in our minds. It gets very hard to shut of a congested mind that is constantly running like a water fountain. Especially at the end of the day one may display symptoms like restlessness, headaches and even higher blood pressure readings. You may also notice the thoughts become irrelevant and it gets harder and harder to shut of your brain off, creating an overload to the nervous system. 


Reiki can help to release the mental pressure and heaviness in your head and energetically ground you. It is very common for people to feel very vulnerable to ask for help and receive Reiki. Let me tell you as an evidence-based chiropractor and business owner certain healing cannot be explained by science, but I personally received my first Reiki experience over 18 years ago during my first pregnancy. At that time, I was a chiropractic student and under lots of stress. Thank God to Reiki, which really helped to recenter my brain and my energy. As much as our brain and thoughts help us to create our life and build our dream, but an overload can lead to so many various mental health issues and create energetic resistance that slows down your progress in life. 


Let Reiki help you to clear your head, or one can say empty your brain so you can focus better have some clarity and allow to make some conscious choices and be more creative in your life and business in general. 


InPrana Integrative healing located in Maple, Ontario understands the importance of managing mental stress and hence we have amazing Reiki practitioners who can help you along the way. 


You are not alone and let us help and support your journey.


Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran D.C, BSc.

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