Newton’s Third Law and Life Force Energy

What is Newton’s Third Law?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in the physical realm.

Let’s apply this in the spiritual realm dimension, with flow of invisible forces such as universal life force energy & manifestation process. Universal life force energy responds based on our current mental and physical status. 

Life Force Energy can be translated into GOD consciousness or divine flow. If you study this deeply, these are one and the same. It is a force that is flowing through us and is found all around us, connecting all of us together. Although this force is invisible, one who is more in tune with themselves becomes more aware of this force. This force does not judge, demand or react. It is just merely a response based on your state of beingness. When this force is removed, life does not exist. Many have tapped into this life force energy knowingly or unknowingly, and created a life of their desires. One may call this “being inflow or swim with the current”, that is where positive manifestation happens, or manifestation that supports your deep desires. 

Physics uses objects to measure the action and reaction. However, I am going to show how we can use our mental thought process to create the same effect. With conscious effort we can shift our life and our reality basically rewiring and re-creating a better life and breaking curses or karma. 

I hope this article will help you increase and heighten your awareness so you can shift your reality and create a joyful and happier life. 

The most common mental energy that can impact our life is the emotion of fear. When you tap into these emotions your body is in a certain state, your heart raises, your body becomes tight, you withdraw and maybe afraid to take actions. At the bodily level you are creating a resistance in the flow of energy. So according to Newton’s third law, what do you think the response will be with life force energy? Because you are in a contracted state, the divine flow of energy will be resistant and will not support you or be able to withdraw as well, hence at the end you feel unsupported, and lose faith and trust. However, if you took the action with no fear or were more mentally clear, your body becomes relaxed and now you are ready to receive universal support. That’s when you feel like you are always supported and GOD or external forces are supporting you. With fear, we also block our heart center and usually it stems from old unconscious traumatic memories. 

With daily inner awareness checks you can start to notice whether Newton’s 3rd law is serving you or not. I will give you a few examples that you can use to open your mind and start to recognize what the reaction will be based on your actions. 

Before I continue with this article, I just want to warn you that you should process this one step at a time, and release one layer at a time. The feeling that you don’t have enough time creates another reaction in the universe. 

Questions to ponder on:

1. Where in my life am I withholding with fear or lack?

For example with money or food, are you keeping it tight and afraid that you will not have enough in the future, or are you trusting that you will have more and more that this world is full of abundance. This question may trigger you but take your time and really process this question. Check if you have resistance in your body when you think of sharing your wealth, or money. Do you feel fear or panic creeping in?

2. How often do I get angry in a day?

If you find you are not getting anywhere in life. This is a great question to ask because most of us think staying or remaining in anger is a great emotion, however you are at the deepest level torturing your body especially if you get triggered for everything. The response of tensing up your body consistently and chronically can block you from receiving your desired life or happiness and joy. 

3. How certain do you feel when you set goals?

Certainty, emits a certain energy that is powerful and strong. The response will be strong back to you. If you become certain when you set healthy goals your energy that you are emitting will bring back opportunities and support to accomplish those goals.

 4. Do I have “Fear of Suffering”?

This is a tricky topic. Because this is a deeper question to ask yourself. Are you afraid of suffering and are you trying to control every action? You may look like you may have OCD or show symptoms of OCD. I can give you numerous examples such as fear of losing time, judgment, being in control, overly analyzing which is the ultimate fear of suffering internally. You may not even know that you have this and have been dealing with this for years and this creates a response from the universe that is favoring your fear.  

That means when we resist, our life becomes resistance and it will mirror back to you. You may notice that you are not manifesting your desires, may have serious financial issues, family issues or even life just seems like it is not going your way. 

As a doctor of chiropractic and a spiritual teacher/ life mastery coach. I recommend that you get help to process and clear these heaviness and resistance in your body. Even trying hard to figure things out on your own creates an energy of resistance that may hold you back from moving forward. I have personally trained myself to get in a relaxed state to receive divine/ universal guidance to release my own inner blockages, I have helped thousands of clients do the same.  So if this is something you are ready to work on, you can book a virtual appointment now and we can help and guide you to reach your desired goals. 

~ Dr. Rogini Thirukkumaran D.C, BSc. ~

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